Brazil Girls and Uzbekistan Boys win the Street Child World Cup: The Future Depends On You

Posted on the 16th May 2018

Today, at Russian champions Lokomotiv Moscow’s Sapsan Arena, Brazil Girls and Uzbekistan Boys won the Street Child World Cup: The Future Depends On You 2018. 

Brazil won 1-0 after a close match against Tanzania Girls and Uzbekistan won after a penalty shoot out with Pakistan Boys. The games were streamed live on Goal, with 122,000 people tuning in to watch. 

Taisa, Brazil Girls Captain, said: “I was very nervous but I’m so happy to be celebrating with my friends.

“It was a very tight game, the opposition marked very high and we couldn’t play from the back, but we got everything together and started playing – we did what we had to do.

 “It was very important – because of this win we can have more opportunity to participate in other championship and maybe someone can see us and see that we are a great team.”

Aziz, Uzbekistan Boys Captain, said: “It’s an incredible feeling to be the first team from Uzbekistan and to play for the first time in Moscow. It’s emotional but the best feeling. It is the first time we have won anything and so to become champions means a lot for us.”

Photo: Paul Fontanelli

Over the past week, more than 200 street-connected children from across the world have come together in Russia for the Street Child World Cup an international football tournament, festival of arts and Congress for their rights.

The event brought 23 different teams across five continents together, who have played to change the negative perceptions and treatment of street children. Each country that has taken part is represented by an organisation working with street-connected young people in their respective country.

The event will culminate tomorrow when the children who have participated in the tournament will present a unified message to the world at the General Assembly. The message is the result of a festival of arts and Congress that has provided the young people the chance to share their experiences, explore their rights and discuss their hopes for the future.

Over the course of the event, young people from across the world have formed friendships and shared their cultures as they’ve come together to campaign for their rights.


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