Vision & Mission

Our vision is a world where every child can access their rights, no matter their background.

Key priorities

Challenging negative perceptions

Street-connected children are often blamed for their circumstances and stigmatised. As a result they are mistreated and marginalised.

Sport is an incredibly powerful tool in making their voices heard – on a level playing field.

“The general public ostracise and stigmatise those of us who live on the street. They treat us like lesser human beings and blame us for the way we are forced to live.” Usha, Team India

Right to Identity

Many street-connected children don’t have a birth certificate or official identification. Birth registration helps ensure children can access healthcare and education.


“Every child has the right to be a full citizen, regardless of whether they have a home or an address.”

Right to Protection from Violence

Children on the streets are extremely vulnerable to violence and abuse.


Violence is a result of not being listened to. Governments must work with street-connected children to create laws that prevent them from being subjected to violence and abuse.”

Right to Education

Street-connected children are not always able or allowed to go to school or access a form of education that supports the specific challenges they face.


“All governments should ensure enrolment of street children in education, regardless of background, identity papers or resources, and support families to enable children to stay in education.”

Our mission is to tackle the widespread stigma street-connected children face and raise awareness and understanding of their situation, so they are protected, respected and supported to realise their fullest potential.

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We too have values, beliefs, morals and principles. We will be listened to.

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