Support the Street Child Cricket World Cup on International Day for Street Children

Posted on the 9th April 2019

Friday 12 April is International Day for Street Children – an opportunity to show solidarity with street-connected young people across the world.

Life on the streets for children is filled with danger. Instead of receiving support, they are often blamed for their situation and stigmatised. As a result, they face violence and abuse. Although they are vulnerable, they are also resourceful and resilient – but are denied the opportunities they need to realise their potential.

The Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019 will use the power of cricket and the arts to change the way street-connected young people are seen and treated. There are three days of cricket, open and free to the public, during the Street Child Cricket World Cup:

4 & 5 May at Parker’s Piece in Cambridge

7 May at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London

This International Day for Street Children, please show your support for the Street Child Cricket World Cup by posting one of the social media images below.

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