Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019 Schools’ Pack

Posted on the 12th February 2019

The Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019 School’s Pack is designed to be an easy-to-use introduction for primary and secondary school students to the lives of street-connected children, our charity, and the Street Child Cricket World Cup specifically.

The resources have been designed to be easily taken into the classroom and assembly hall. Because we work with such a range of educational settings across Cambridgeshire and London, we’ve designed the pack to enable a ‘pick and mix’ approach according to what best suits your own pupils. For instance, aspects of the KS2 lesson plan might suit your KS1 or KS3 class; some schools will participate in all aspects of the Street Child Cricket World Cup, while others might learn and fundraise without actually attending… Support comes in all shapes and sizes and we are grateful for all steps schools take to think about and support street-connected young people across the globe.

The Schools’ Pack provides detail about how you and your students can:

1) Attend the Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019 – come and cheer on street-connected young people from across the world at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London and Parker’s Piece, Cambridge.

2) Learn about the experiences and rights of children around the world through assemblies and PSHE/citizenship lessons.

3) Welcome our guests – ensure the street-connected children receive a warm welcome in London and Cambridge with art, messages and by learning our songs.

4) Fundraise for Street Child United so that our work to support street-connected children can continue beyond the Street Child Cricket World Cup.

For a downloadable version of the Schools’ Pack, or for any further help, please contact Laura Scott, SCU Arts and Education Coordinator:

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