Team Nepal

Nepal will be represented by a coalition of two organisations: Childreach Nepal and Street Child of Nepal (SCoN).

Childreach Nepal is a non-governmental organisation that promotes the right of healthcare, protection, education and meaningful participation of Nepalese children. They create schools for children to aid community development, as well as provide a safe space for children to develop their learning. Childreach Nepal currently run the Meera Centre, a community based Early Childhood Development (ECD), which provides children under the age of five with a safe and nurturing environment to stimulate their learning.

SCoN works to design and deliver curriculums specific to the needs of street-connected children alongside teacher training. The organisation is also designed to function in emergency circumstances, with specialist facilities devised to ensure the continuity of education for disaster-affected children. Following the 2015 Nepalese earthquake, SCoN assembled a number of temporary learning facilities and included disaster resilience into the curriculum of these facilities.

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