At work

We have lots of exciting ideas for you and your colleagues to try





Chores for charity

Volunteer your services to go to your colleague’s house over the weekend and do their chores. This could be an entire day of washing the car, mowing the lawn, ironing, washing the dog and painting the spare room. Auction your services to the entire office, so the highest bidder wins your time!

Football shirts to work

Ask your boss to allow everyone to wear the football shirt of their favourite team to work for a day, and ask each person to donate five pounds for Street Child United.  You could raise even more by asking everyone to sponsor the boss to wear the football shirt of their rival team

One hour for street children

Ask your colleagues and friends to give up one hour of their salary for Street Child United, and you will be making a positive difference to street children across the world.

Cake sale

Who doesn’t like cake? Dedicate a day of the week to bringing in cakes and sell slices to your colleagues.