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I’m extremely proud to be a part of the first Street Child Cricket World Cup. When I visited Rio de Janiero in 1993, I met some young people who had survived the Candelária massacre – where police shot dead eight street-connected young people. I heard first hand of their mistreatment, stigmatisation and ostracisation.
It is impossible for anyone hearing stories such as theirs – or those taking part in the SCCWC 2019 – not to be profoundly moved by their experiences, and impelled to help improve their situation.
The SCCWC 2019 will give these young people a platform, so that the whole world can listen to their stories, and work together to ensure a much brighter and safer life for them now – and in the future.

The Rt Hon Sir John Major, KG CH – Patron of the Street Child Cricket World Cup

I'm honoured to be an ambassador for Street Child United. It has been a privilege for me to meet the inspirational former street children involved. They are incredible leaders and I'm delighted to support them on their journey to the Street Child World Cup, Moscow 2018.

Gilberto Silva, FIFA World Cup Winner and SCU Ambassador

It was a delight to support the Street Child Cricket World Cup and listen to the messages the young people taking part had to share.
The young people who take part in Street Child World Cups are brilliant role models and everything about how they approach the events is a great example of how to participate in sport – with respect for your teammates and the opposition, enthusiasm, fair play, passion, commitment and pride.
I am incredibly excited to join Street Child United to work towards the Street Child Cricket World Cup 2023 and look forward to playing a role in helping create a global platform for these inspirational young people.

Olivia Rae, Scotland & Middlesex and SCU Ambassador

I was thrilled to be invited to support Street Child Cricket World Cup and see how Street Child United support some of the most vulnerable young people in the world.
Street Child United provides such an amazing opportunity and platform for street-connected young people around the world to talk about what support they need – basic human rights like protection from violence, an education and a legal identity.
I hope that I can help Street Child United’s campaign to push for positive changes to be implemented worldwide and I look forward to supporting the build up to the next Street Child Cricket World Cup in India in 2023.

Naomi Dattani, Middlesex captain and SCU Ambassador

It is a privilege to be involved with a charity which strives to create real and lasting change for those young people with whom it engages, and which seeks to help them become a powerful force for change in their own right. Street Child United’s work with women and girls in particular, harnessing the power of sport to ensure the rights fought for apply to all irrespective of gender, is both inspiring and important. To be a small part of helping this process is a challenge and a gift.

Isabelle Westbury, Sports Journalist and SCU Ambassador

Street Child United are so passionate about helping children and young people that are so often ignored and neglected to realise their potential and inherent worth. It's a joy to see the difference they make to the lives of those with whom they connect - and it's an equal joy to see how these children and young people are inspiring others and fighting for change. I'm delighted to support this invaluable work.

Vicki Sparks - BBC Commentator and SCU Ambassador

Street Child United is an amazing charity using sport to give street-connected young people a chance to speak out and show the world their potential. I’m excited to work with Street Child United to tell these young people’s stories and show what changes need to be made to support and protect street-connected children.

Jules Breach, UK broadcast journalist and SCU Ambassador

Street Child United does some incredible work to make a real impact in improving the lives of street children - for such a young charity, it has made giant strides in such a short space of time.

David Garrido, Sky Sports Presenter and SCU Ambassador

I'm delighted to support Street Child United, a vision which is close to my heart. Being from Pakistan, where cricket for street children is the norm, we often see these children disregarded. This exceptional charity works to transform their development and provides experiences that impact the rest of their lives. I'm excited to be part of their upcoming Street Child Cricket World Cup in 2023.

Yasir Arafat, Former Pakistan international and SCU Ambassador

It’s my honour to be an ambassador for the Street Child Cricket World Cup in India. I know from my own experience that sports has the power to inspire and bring out our country's untapped potential. This initiative will help provide a level playing field for children who have for too long been outside the boundary. I endorse the spirit of the initiative and stand with team India as they get ready to play at the prestigious Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Sourav Ganguly, Former Indian Cricket Captain and Ambassador for Team India

I am excited to join the Street Child Cricket World Cup as a Goodwill Ambassador for Team India. As an athlete, I know the true potential that sports can play in not just changing a child’s reality, but also garnering public support for children who live on the streets. India has over two million street connected children and there lies our nation’s untapped potential. As a woman cricketer, I am super thrilled to see that this tournament is gender equal- boys and girls will play together. I look forward to following their game.

Mithali Raj, Indian cricket captain and Ambassador for Team India

Sport has the power to bring nations together - it is truly a force for unity. That is why I’m supporting the Street Child Cricket World Cup in London 2019, using our shared passion for cricket to enable some of the world’s most disadvantaged and marginalised children.

Kumar Sangakarra, Former Sri Lankan Cricket Captain

The Street Child World Cup is at the heart of football, providing a level playing field to street children who have for too long been marginalised. I look forward to following the Street Child World Cup in 2018 when each young person, no matter their background, will tell the world: I am Somebody.

Sir Alex Ferguson

I know from personal experience just what power football can have, to inspire and change young people’s lives whatever their background or nationality. This is what the Street Child World Cup is all about and I give it my full support.

David Beckham OBE

The Street Child Games symbolise the power of sport in guaranteeing the rights of some of the most marginalised children in the world. These young people will compete on the field and unite off the field with the clear message from each: I AM SOMEBODY

Michael Johnson, four-time Olympic Gold medallist

The Street Child Games are another example of Street Child United harnessing the power of sport to give a platform to some of the most marginalised children in the world - street children. I'm proud to be working with an organisation who understand the role that sport can play to bring street children together and help them show the world that they are somebodies with rights.

Darren Campbell, former Olympic Gold Medallist

It's so amazing to be involved in the Street Child Games. There are massive parallels between how the 2012 Paralympics challenged the way people with disabilities are perceived and the way the Street Child Games challenges the way street children are perceived.

Hannah Cockroft MBE, 5x Paralympic Champion

No child should have to live on the streets. I commend the Street Child World Cup for providing a platform for the rights of street children to be heard.

Gordon Brown, Former Prime Minister

The Street Child World Cup demonstrates the tremendous potential of every single child, and especially street children, who are so often treated as less than human. I am proud that the first ever Street Child World Cup will take place in South Africa - and I urge all governments to guarantee the rights of this most marginalised group of their citizens to lives in which their promise is fulfilled.

Bishop Desmond Tutu, Former Archbishop

Congratulations on the successful convening of the General Assembly of the Street Child Games and for producing the Rio Resolution. I’ve read the Resolution with great interest and I find it truly inspiring. We take good note of the Resolution and we will reflect it in our work as appropriate, as well as share it with relevant UN offices.

Ahmad Alhendawi, Former United Nations Secretary-General's Envoy for Youth

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