We Are Somebody

Posted on the 20th November 2019

We Are All Somebody was written by Sam following her experiences at the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018. The poem captures the spirit of Street Child United and calls on the audience to listen to the demands of the young people we serve.

Sam, now in her first year of a multimedia journalism degree and volunteer coach at Arsenal FC, took part in the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018 as part of Team England, organised by Centrepoint. In 2019 Sam has been a Street Child United Young Leader, representing the charity at the Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019 and in activities around the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019.

If you want to help other young people to have the same opportunities Sam has had through Street Child United events, please donate here to support our work.

So how do we survive?

When life goes astray,
there’s one thing that will always stay.


We may speak different languages
and have a lot of troubles to manage.
But we are human, we are people,
we should all have the possibility to be free and gleeful.

Just because we have all of these labels,
it doesn’t mean our problems should be thrown under the table.

We all share ambition and dreams,
but we need governments to take up our theme.

It’s not just about the runs we make, or the goals we score.
It’s about the goals we set behind the closed doors.

We have a voice and we demand it to be heard.
You have the choice, to be a sheep or lead the herd.

I am somebody.
You are somebody.
We are all somebody.

To find out more about the messages the young people shared at the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018 and Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019, follow the links below:

Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018 General Assembly

Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019 General Assemby

Sam is now collecting poetry from Street Child United participants, and people from other underrepresented groups, to publish. You can find out more about Sam’s project by clicking here.

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