Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019 in Cambridge

Posted on the 4th May 2019

The Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019 (SCCWC 2019) was our first event in the UK, and alongside hosting the Finals at Lord’s Cricket Ground, we wanted to bring the event to the city we were founded in – Cambridge.

The idea for the first Street Child World Cup came from a group of families in Cambridge, and many of our long-term supporters and volunteers are here. We were delighted to see the city embrace the Street Child Cricket World Cup, volunteering, attending and supporting in great numbers.

The first two days of SCCWC 2019 cricket were played on Parker’s Piece, St Paul’s community centre was our base throughout the event and many people in the city generously offered to let volunteers stay in their homes whilst they were in the city.

Martin Evans, Chair of the Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019, said: “Parker’s Piece seemed to be perfect because the very first game of football with rules was played on the field and there is a long tradition of cricket being played there. It just seemed like we’d been given an opportunity to play the Street Child Cricket World Cup in public on a famous piece of land that would give it a wonderful historic context and profile.

“Over 2,000 people use St Paul’s community centre every week – it’s about community and positive activity. St. Paul’s has a history of association with projects around the world and it has supported Street Child United from the beginning.”

There has been overwhelming support for SCCWC 2019 from businesses around Cambridge, with Howard Group and Cambridge Assessment generously sponsoring the event. Howard Group CEO Nicholas Bewes spoke about what hosting SCCWC 2019 meant to the city, saying: “Sport has a wonderful way of bringing people together and Cambridge is extremely passionate about it – be that football, rugby or cricket! Given our enthusiasm for all things sports-related it’s an honour for Cambridge to be part of this event.

“SCCWC 2019 is something that our whole community can relate to, get behind and enjoy, whilst at the same time learning more about the serious underlying issue of the widespread stigma faced by street-connected children. I have no doubt that the Cambridge community will be inspired by these young people and my hope is that by increasing awareness of these issues we can motivate long-term action – which would be a fantastic outcome.”

Ruth Stapleton and Carri Pavitt spoke on behalf of Cambridge Assessment, saying: “SCCWC 2019 is making a significant difference to the lives of young people around the world, helping them to be legally recognised and in turn giving them the ability to access an education and other vital support.”

Tilly, a SCCWC 2019 Volunteer from Cambridge, said: “I work as a theatre director and I am so thrilled to be able to contribute my creative and facilitation skills to the SCCWC 2019 as an Arts Volunteer. I feel immensely proud knowing the sheer force of SCU’s power to change lives. I volunteered in 2014 in Rio so to have it in my hometown is a little odd.

“There were almost too many highlights from the event to choose from. Giggling with the Young Leaders from Pakistan, hearing the Team England girls speak with such enormous clarity, wisdom and maturity in the Houses of Parliament, listening to Team Bangladesh singing We Shall Overcome and dancing, laughing and singing with all the young people as we rehearsed the Parker’s Piece Opening Ceremony to name a few.”

Schools across Cambridge engaged with the Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019 before and during the event, including hosting assemblies, holding cricket lessons and tournaments, hosting the Teams for arts acivities and concerts and fundraising.

Street Child United would like to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers, Cambridge schools and supporters for helping make the Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019 such an amazing event.

Want to continue education about street-connected children’s rights? Contact for our Schools’ Pack or to arrange an assembly.

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