The Impact of the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018

Posted on the 12th August 2018

The Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018 brought more than 200 young people from 20 countries together to campaign for the rights and protection of street-connected children. The young people at the Street Child World Cup called for an end to stigmatization of street-connected young people, protection and support from their governments, for all children to receive a legal identity at birth and access to education and healthcare.

A key aim of the event was the create a global platform for street-connected young people’s voices. Here are some highlights of the impact the young people made:

Team Tanzania were welcomed home by the President of Tanzania and 60,000 people at half time of a national football match.

Team Tanzania’s message from the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018:

“We are Team Tanzania. Our visions are:
– All children are equal, should be treated equally and should have the access to the same rights, boys and girls. For example, education and healthcare should be without discrimination.
Our demands are:
– We want to be loved and taken care of like other children in the world.
– The laws which were created to protect children’s rights should be implemented.
–  We want the government to provide areas for sport so all young people have a safe space to play.
– Street children should be given opportunities to improve their situations and change their lives.
We are:
–  Survivors, patient, talented, hard-working. We believe in ourselves. We are creative. We are smart. We accept and respect ourselves. When we go back to Tanzania we will be leaders and role models for other street children. We are somebody, this is time to change our story.”

Team Pakistan were invited to attend a session of the Pakistan National Assembly where a special announcement was made in honor of their achievements in Moscow.

Team Pakistan’s message from the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018:

“We are Team Pakistan with a lot of potential and energy and we understand the issues of our communities. We demand education, peace, safe homes, playgrounds, bright futures, great jobs, travelling, identity, protection, respect for everyone so that we can all have a safe future.

We face different problems due to poverty, like Ijaz works in a brick factory, Nawaz works in a crop fields, and I was orphan at the age of 2. Ibrar works in a cotton factory. But after these things we are strong, and friends, and love each other and share our problems to solve them.

We have been feeling so special through these 10 days, we have experienced so many new things and have learned new cultures.

We are taking so many new things back home that will make us better humans, we may have lost the finals but we will win the rights of street children in our country.”

Team Bolivia took their campaign directly to the President of the Bolivian Senate

Team Bolivia’s message from the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018:

“These days we’ve understood that not only Bolivia has problems, and that we share problems with many countries in the world. These problems prevent street connected young people to move on and access to their rights.

The children of Bolivia want to be heard and respected, and we want the laws to be respected too. We want the government to support us so that all street connected children have the right to identity and receive a birth certificate. Without this identification we can’t access education or healthcare.

We are somebody, let us change our story.”

Team Indonesia have been received by the Governor of Jakarta and the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Cultural Affairs

Team Indonesia’s message at the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018:

“Our visions are:
– Every child in our country should have a brighter future.
– Our education, economic and sport systems should be better.
– No more violence against children. Our child protection system should be better implemented.
– Every child will be treated equally and no discrimination despite of their background. We will have a welfare community so people live in harmony and creates a safe space for every child.

For those visions we demand:
– Everyone in our society has awareness of child’s rights and protection without discrimination.
– We demand our government helps us to make our visions come true and fulfill our identity rights.
We in a nation are young people who are brave, hard workers, willing to do best effort, creative thinkers, willing to learn new things. We are honest, humble, smart, respectful and faithful.”

Team Mauritius were invited to meet the President

Team Mauritius’ message from the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018:

“Our vision is a child friendly world, where all children are respected. We demand all children to have access to education. Reduce child pregnancy. We will set up sexual education so that girls and boys can respect themselves. Gender equality opportunities for women. A world without any violence amongst children. We are people with rights and intelligence.”

Team Nepal met the Prime Minister

Team Nepal’s message at the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018:

“Our vision is to make sure that no child lives on the street, irrespective of caste, creed, religion. All kids, despite their situations, need food, shelter, education, health, family, love and care. Being a street child is not an identity – it is just an unfortunate situation. Society should respect us and support us. Governments should act like our parents as we don’t have them to care for us and help us create a better future. We are the future of the world, we are positive, we are kind, we are creative.

The hands that were raised yesterday to beat us on the street are now raised to honour us. Until a few months back we were termed as the typical word used to describe street children, we were attacked as criminals, but today were have an identity as national players. But today we are the change, we are the voice.

Neither borders, colour or language will stop us. We all are one. To win the football game was our desire, but to win all the hearts was our aim and I hope that we have done that.”

Team Burundi met the President

Team Burundi’s message at the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018:

“Our vision is to have a better education, because education is the key for all children. We demand to respect teachers, to give them a good salary. Providing qualifications. It’s not good for children to live on the street as this is our time.”

The stories of the young people from the Street Child World Cup 2018 were the cover story of the Big Issue.




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