My experience volunteering at the Street Child Games

Posted on the 5th December 2016

Written by Molly King, Street Child Games 2016 Volunteer

During the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, I watched a feature on national TV here in the United States about the important work Street Child United was doing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A lifelong athlete myself, I’ve experienced first-hand the power of sport to inspire change, so I signed up to be a volunteer for the first Street Child Games that very same day, and served as a member of the communications team in Rio for the event in March 2016.

As a volunteer, I had the honour of working with nine teams of street-connected young people, girls and boys, from nine countries during a week of Olympic-themed sporting events, and an international Congress for street-connected children’s rights.

At the Games, I witnessed the young people become athletes and ambassadors, proudly representing their country – both on and off the field. Hearing the chants of “I am somebody” in unison, as athletes from every country all linked arms on the running track at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain as the Games came to a close, is something I’ll never forget.

Our volunteers enjoy some down time at Sugarloaf Mountain

The accompanying Congress gave those same young people a platform and a voice to fight for their rights – the right to legal identity, protection from violence and education.

My experience left me so inspired. Inspired by the 60 plus other volunteers I had the pleasure of working side by side with, inspired by the athleticism of the young people competing in the Games themselves, and inspired by the bravery and candor displayed during the Congress. Knowing that the young people have carried their moving message back home, inspiring others living on the streets to fight for their own rights, and society to support them, made me truly understand that this event was so much more than just games. I can hardly wait to be a part of what’s next.




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