The United Nations is listening

Posted on the 26th May 2016

We’re excited to share that the United Nations has recognised the Rio Resolution and the recommendations made by the former street children from nine countries that took part in the 2016 Street Child Games.

The Rio Resolution focuses on three universal rights street children are most frequently denied: Education, a Legal Identity and Protection from Violence.

When presenting the Resolution, the young people called on the world to help tackle the abuses of these key rights, which would enable millions of street children access to the opportunities they need, and that every child deserves, to realise their potential.

UN Envoy for Youth copy

The UN’s Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, Ahmad Alhendawi (pictured above), told us that he is inspired by the Rio Resolution and will reflect it in the UN’s work:

“Congratulations on the successful convening of the General Assembly of the Street Child Games and for producing the Rio Resolution. I’ve read the Resolution with great interest and I find it truly inspiring. We take good note of the Resolution and we will reflect it in our work as appropriate, as well as share it with relevant UN offices.”

John Wroe, CEO of Street Child United said: “Too often street children are ignored and their rights are abused. Our response is the Street Child World Cup and first Street Child Games, harnessing the power of sport to create a global platform where street children are seen and their voices are heard – free from discrimination.

We’re delighted and encouraged that the United Nations recognises the significance of the 2016 Street Child Games and the development by former street children of the Rio Resolution calling for the world to take concrete action to protect street children’s rights worldwide.”

The teams will use the Rio Resolution in-country as an important tool to support their ongoing work protecting street children.

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