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Posted on the 16th January 2015

Supporting street children’s rights in 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 14.22.15On your marks.

Happy New Year! A huge thank you for all your support – you should be proud of the changes that you have set in motion. You are transforming the lives of street children across the world.

In 2014 you raised the profile of street children to an unprecedented level and the children who took part in the Street Child World Cup have led the way in promoting their rights to their governments. These former street children are ambassadors leading the way to a better world for street children but there is still a long way to go. With your continued support we can help make their demands a reality.

Get set.

Children surviving on the streets continue to be dehumanized in societies across the world. Seen as nobodies, beyond help and beyond rights. Ahead of major sporting events they are often perceived as an embarrassment to the host city or country. In a recent meeting regarding this issue and the Rio Olympics, our Brazil office noted the following comment from Father Agnaldo Soares, former member of the National Council for Children’s Rights:

They sweep away these children as if they were garbage and there’s no actual long term plan to change the situation.”

This was the reason why the Street Child World Cup was founded in Durban in 2009 – to challenge the illegal rounding up of street children ahead of the FIFA World Cup, and it is why with your support we are planning the Street Child Games in March 2016 in Rio de Janeiro ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympics. Watch this space.


You are making a difference and there are many ways you can get involved this year individually, through your work, your school, your university, your sports groups, your faith group to name but a few – here’s some early highlights to get in your calendar:

Cambridge Champagne Company fundraiser, Cambridge Thursday 12 February
We’re teaming up with Studio Cambridge English Language School across ten weeks in the summer of 2015 to provide English lessons and ambassadorial training for up to eight former street children who played at the 2014 Street Child World Cup. The Cambridge Champagne Company is holding a fun filled champagne tasting event to raise funds supporting the cost of flights, transport, food and help throughout the unique programme. Tickets cost £40 per ticket, email info@camcham.co.uk

International Day of the Street Child, 12 April
As Rio de Janeiro celebrates its 450 anniversary, we will host a ‘Day of Inclusion’ to be held on the International day of the Street Child and led by street children to celebrate the rights of all children not just in Rio but also across the world. The children will play sports, have art and dance classes and a wonderful Brazilian barbecue. Stay posted for how you can support the International Day of the Street Child

Live below the Line, 27 April – 1 May
Can you get through five days with just £5? We are excited to announce our second year taking on the Live Below The Line challenge. To Live Below the Line is to challenge yourself to live on £1 a day, for all food and drink, for five days. This fundraising and campaigning event will run from 27 April – 1 May and offers a unique glimpse into the lives of millions of street children who live below the poverty line every day. Think you can do it? Pre-register with us now – email Alexandra@streetchildunited.org

Run Hackney, London, Sunday 10 May
New year, new you, time to lace up and get ready for the ultimate New Years resolution challenge! Already one of the top ten half marathons in the country, Run Hackney is the fresh new half marathon to hit London. Race weekend will commence on Sunday 10 May. We currently have 15 places available, so kick start your resolution, sign up with us today and run for street children’s rights! Email Alexandra@streetchildunited.org Here’s to an incredible 2015 and to the rights of all children!

Here’s to an incredible 2015 and to the rights of all children!

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