Remembering Daniel Allen

Posted on the 6th May 2014

We were so sorry to hear the news that Street Child World Cup volunteer Daniel Allen passed away last weekend. Daniel was the Director of Precision Translation Services and led our incredible translation team during the event. Our CEO and Founder John Wroe, sickness remembers Daniel.

May 5 2014

Volunteering runs through the middle of SCWC, clinic it’s like our DNA and with 19 languages and dialects spoken –  volunteers with languages are worth their weight in gold.

Daniel Allen, Director of Precision Translation Services, contacted me to volunteer almost 2 years before Rio 2014. Renato Rocha and I drove the 8 hours in a hired Fiat Punto from Rio to Belo Horizonte to check him and his offer out.

Arriving after dark, we met a loud Canadian eating seafood and drinking beer, who had already enrolled several of his friends and colleagues in the cause of SCWC. Daniel wanted them to meet the founder – so they could get the SCWC and why we do it – “from the horses mouth” and we stayed up till the small hours.

I often say that the whole world conspires with us and Daniel is a case in point.

Daniel knew we needed translators and many of his colleagues were to be with us in Rio, but he also had friends like James Young, who were journalists, who were soon writing stories about our teams and he knew contacts in companies that were quickly promoting our cause with corporates.

I took to Daniel’s exuberance immediately – he was generous with his time and he embraced everything we were trying to do. Daniel delivered everything he promised and more.

Knowing the country and the language and being a little older than many of our volunteers, the Belo Horizonte crew could be relied upon for much more than translation. Most of them could drive, they could shop, they could direct local drivers, and when the “Belo Volunteers” were around you felt safe. Except in the Secret Garden. If you met them in the official chill out bar- you knew there was no chance of leaving any time soon.

The UK Volunteers preparation weekend in February was preceded by the funeral of Kate Farrer – our wonderful senior medical Volunteer at SCWC 2010. The weekend was poignant because we’d lost one of our own. Less than a month after SCWC 2014, we lose Daniel Allen.  We are part of a team, of a family and of a global community for change,  on the side of the most vulnerable children in the world and Daniel stood with us.  And we will miss his presence enormously.

Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen


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