Team Brazil (Boys) launch their Road to Rio 2014 from Fortaleza

Posted on the 7th August 2013

Our Brazilian boys team have launched their very own Road to Rio 2014 from their home in the north-east Brazilian city of Fortaleza. The launch was attended by Street Child World Cup co-founder John Wroe and it garnered national press coverage. The team of former street children are from the O Pequeno Nazareno (Little Nazarene) organisation which is the largest of its kind in Brazil. The project provide street children with a secure home where they can receive schooling, counselling, sports and activities.

Bernardo Rosemeyer, Founder: “Street Child World Cup is an opportunity to let the world know that there is a movement for change in Brazil; that there is now a campaign calling for a public policy to address the situation of street children. The football tournament is a chance to focus on the issues that affect street children in Brazil, and to grab the world’s attention.”

The project lead the Criança não é da rua (child not of the street) campaign which is calling on the government to formulate the first-ever public policy on street children. Since 2005, the campaign has been gathering support nationwide with over 600 partner organisations building momentum towards ensuring the rights of street children are enshrined in law. The campaign grew partly out of the awareness that while policies exist on single issues such as child labour or child abuse, no policy covers the multiple and complex needs of street children. Criança não é da rua has the backing of the national Secretariat of Human Rights as it is mapping the situation of street children nationwide for the first time, and in August eight young people who have experienced life on the streets will travel to Brasilia to have their say on what any new laws should include.

John Wroe, Street Child World Cup co-Founder: “We are delighted our Team Brazil boys team are coming from O Pequeno Nazareno. This project understands that enabling children to leave street life behind is a long-term commitment and it is leading the country in it’s response to street at risk children.”

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