Changing the game for street children’s rights

The Street Child United Summit unites the leaders of our partners working on the frontline supporting street children worldwide.

It was developed at the request of team leaders at the inaugural Street Child World Cup in 2010 who told us how much value there was coming together from across the world and sharing their challenges and successes working with street children.

The Summit is held ahead of each of our major sporting events, uniting our global network and providing a unique opportunity for leaders, street child practitioners and experts to discuss challenges and solutions from their work.

The Summit also enables our partners to prepare for participating in our next major sporting event, ensuring they maximise the opportunity and improve the lives of street children in their country.

“We used to occasionally get invited to the table. Now we have our own table.” Compass Children’s Charity

Model in action: 2015 Summit shapes 2016 Street Child Games

Ahead of the Street Child Games, the 2015 Street Child United Summit focused on key areas from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which we related to the experiences of street children:

The right to legal identity
– The right to an education
– The right to protection from violence

In discussing these key articles there was one underlying theme that drove the abuses of these rights for street children and that was stigma.

The 2016 Street Child Games focused on the abuses of these rights. As a result the young people participating developed their “Rio Resolution”, delivering a strong message to the world to take concrete steps to protect street children’s rights.

Click here to read the Rio Resolution.





Latest Tweets
  • “No child should have to live on the streets.  I commend the Street Child World Cup for providing a platform for the rights of street children to be heard.”

    Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, Former Prime Minister
  • “When ever people come across me they laugh. It seems like my mouth is zipped because they talk for us. I wish they could give us a chance to talk for ourselves.”

    Mbali, 15, Durban
  • “It was a privilege to be invited to the launch of the Street Child World Cup at Downing Street. It gives children a voice through football, sales a platform to express their rights and celebrate their abilities – I’m proud to add my support.”

    Wilson Palacios, Stoke City and Honduras Midfielder