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Gilberto Silva speaking to the London Evening Standard ahead of the 2015 Gala Dinner

The Guardian – Global Development: “Street children from around the world.” 14.10.15

The Express Tribune: Pakistan Street Child Squad visit the UK 

Umbrella de Julho: Chevrolet pitch unveil and John Wroe British Empire Medal

London Evening Standard: Arsenal legend Gilberto Silva misses FA Cup win to open football pitch for kids in Brazilian favela 01.06.15

The Observer: Guns, drugs and bandidos 4.01.15

The Guardian: Best Theatre Performances of 2014 – Turfed 26.12.14

O Globo: Road to Rio the film 20.12.14

BBC Sportshour: Did the World Cup make any difference?

Portal Villarino: Charity Auction in support of the NGO “Street Child World Cup” at Caesar Park Ipanema 19.11.14

Deloox: Charity night at Caesar Park Ipanema 19.11.14

Bossa me: The 2014 World Cup of Street Children in Pictures 19.11.14

New York Times: In this World Cup, the goal is a better life 10.10.14

Chinese Central TV: SCWC helps children through sport 27.09.14

Sunday Times: Adrian Chiles summary of FIFA World Cup 13.07.14

Fox: Saving kids in Brazil, one game at a time 10.07.14

Evening Standard: My day out with Team Brazil girls 07.07.14

CNN: Brazilian girls find power in football 27.06.14

BT Sport: Gilberto Silva’s Road to Rio 07.05.14

FOX Sports: Project unites children from many countries

O Globo Brasil (Profissao Reporter): Street Child World Cup Part 1 10.06.2014

O Globo Brasil (Profissao Reporter): Street Child World Cup Part 2 10.06.2014

Deloitte: 2014: More than a game, a chance to build legacies for a better future!

Pimpolhos: Pimpolhos take part of the Street Child World Cup 29/04/2014

TV Brasil: Street Child World Cup uses sport as a tool for transformation 19/04/2014

The Guardian: Street Child World Cup ‘We should be treated the same as your children.’ 15/04/14

TV iG: Street Child World Cup finishes with Team Brazil girls as champions 07/04/2014

TV Bandeirantes: World Cup for children who have left the streets 07/04/14

BOL: Street Children make the world cup by overcoming 07/04/14

Estado: Team Brazil girls is the champion of a football tournament for street children 06/04/2014

SporTV: Young people leave the streets and join in stories of resilience 05/04/14

Globo Esporte: Boys from Brazil exit SCWC, girls through to the semis 04/04/14

El Pa­s: A Cup for street children 04/04/2014

GM Media: Chevrolet and General Motors Institute sponsor the Street Child World Cup project 31/03/2014

Auto Estrada: Chevrolet and General Motors Institute sponsor the Street Child World Cup project 31/03/2014

Rio Catedral: About the Street Child World Cup football tournament 31/03/2014

UOL: Tournament begins with tribute to killed soccer player 30/03/14

Globo Esporte: With their Captain absent, Brazil debut at SCWC 29/03/14

UOL: Death of adolescent makes itself felt at the start of the Street Child World Cup in Rio 29/03/2014

InfoSur Hoy: Brazil will host the Street Child World Cup for youngsters at risk 28/03/2014

Globo News: Street children from 19 countries compete in tournament in Rio 28/03/14

G1 Globo: Let’s play for him say team mates of boy shot in CR 28/03/14

ArqRio: The Street Child World Cup kicks off in Rio de Janeiro 27/03/2014

Rio On Watch: Team Brazil girls from Penha are the champions of the Street Child World Cup 2014 03/05/2014

Promenino: “It is innaceptable that in the XXI century millions of children are still living and working on the streets”, says SCWC’s director

Educao Integral: Street Child World Cup raises discussion around the right of children and adolescents

CNBB: The Street Child World Cup kicks off in Rio de Janeiro

O Povo Brasil: Field of Dreams 23.03.14

Sunday Mirror: World Cup 2014: Brazil’s Street Child tournament captain gunned down on his 14 birthday 23.03.14

Financial Times Magazine: I’m captaining a team in the Street Child World Cup 22.03.14

Daily Mail: David Beckham, Pele and Ferguson show their support for the Street Child World Cup 22.03.14

FT: First Person: Monica 21.03.14

Rio do Poder: Cup for street children will take place in Rio 20/03/2014

Al Jazeera: Brazil violence flares ahead of World Cup 14.03.14

Metro: The football world cup you’ve probably never heard of 20.03.14

Diario do Poder: SCWC to be held in April 21.03.14

Evening Standard: David Beckham & Sir Alex Ferguson rally behind Street Child World Cup initiative 20.03.14

Promenino Brazil: Children living on the street is unacceptable 19.03.14

All Africa: Save the Children partners with Street Child World Cup 17.03.14

Copa 90: World’s Largest Samba Band featured in Comments Below 11.03.14

The Sun: Brit kids form world’s biggest samba band 14.03.14

Guinness World Records: School children smash samba world record 05.03.14

Royal Albert Hall: Samba World Record smashed at Royal Albert Hall 03.03.14

BBC School Report: World samba band record smashed at Royal Albert Hall 03.03.14

The Guardian: The Brazilian women using football to escape the favelas 18.02.14

Crawley News: Crawley Woman off to World Cup with a Difference 16.02.14 Off the streets, these children dream of playing football in Rio 11.02.14 Glad’s House enters Kenyan Team at SCWC 12.02.14

The Observer: Child sex tourism warning for fans attending World Cup in Brazil 09.02.14

Al Jazeera: The World Cup and child sex exploitation 06.02.14

The Umbrella Rio de Janeiro: Three Peaks Challenge Rio 19.12.13

O Globo Esporte: Two more boys join SCWC team 27.11.13 (Portuguese)

Evening Standard: My trip to the favelas was a real eye-opener 20.11.13

Evening Standard: Football got me out of my estate 07.11.13

Guardian: Empowering girls living on streets 24.10.13

Guardian: Changing the game for street children 24.09.13

O Globo Esporte: From the streets to the pitch 01.09.13 (Portuguese)

BBC: Brazil marks 20 years since Candelária child massacre 24.07.13

Yorkshire Times: Sheffield company raises awareness of street children 23.07.13

Al Jazeera: Brazil marks Candelária massacre anniversary 23.07.13

The Jakarta Globe: Indonesia to send team to Street Child World Cup 10.07.13

The Express Tribune Pakistan: When street children don national colours to represent Pakistan 28.06.13

Yahoo Sports: Filipino kids dream of Rio and the SCWC 26.06.13

The Observer p16: In the favelas on the frontline of protest, Brazilians ask: who is this World Cup for? 23.06.13

GMA Philippines: Countdown to SCWC continues for Philippines team 11.06.13

El Nuevo Diario: Nicaragua return to Street Child World Cup 25.05.13

BBC Swahili Radio: Team Tanzania on the Road to Rio 24.05.13

Al Jazeera: Rio rehab: giving up old gangs for new goals 02.05.13

FIFA Futbol Mundial: Film on Team Philippines 14.04.13

BBC Asia: Pakistan prepares for the Street Child World Cup: 27.03.13

CNN: Football helps champion street kids 26.03.13

BBC Global News film: Pakistan’s Road to Rio (Urdu)

BBC Global News article: Pakistan’s Road to Rio (Urdu)

Al Jazeera: The Street Child World Cup (1min 10 secs in) 28.02.13

New York Times: Saving Karachi’s Street Children, One Goal at a Time 13.02.13

Ministry Matters: This year’s Lent Appeal: Street Child World Cup 17.01.13

InterakTV Philippines: Team Philippines to the Street Child World Cup 2014 17.01.13

CNN: Team Tanzania 13.12.12

The Latin America Report: Dufry sponsors Street Child World Cup 12.12.12

The Moodie Report: Dufry sponsors the Street Child World Cup ‘Road to Rio 2014′ 7/12/12

Travel Retail Business: Dufry sponsors Street Child World Cup 7/12/12

Philippines Sun Star: Craig and his Street Child World Cup dream 18/11/12

The Rio Times: Street Child World Cup makes progress 16/10/12

Mitoo Football Revolution: Mission Ukraine 15/09/12

BBC World: Children of Ukraine rescued by football 19/07/12

The Observer: In the shadow of EURO 2012, Ukraine’s street children struggle to stay alive 08/06/12

The Guardian:

First News: Brazilian Street Child Soccer Team visit London 01/05/12

BBC Online: Street Child World Cup visits London 28/04/12

The Rio Times: NGO Focus on Street Child World Cup 25/04/12

BBC World Service: The World Today Programme 22/04/12

Alastair Campbell’s blog: Life changing impact of football 21/04/12

The Guardian: Street Child World Cup more than just a game 16/04/12

Tottenham Sandro inspired by Brazil’s street children 21/04/12

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: BBC Radio Cambridgeshire interviewing Rafael – Educator from Quixote Project and Judy Reith (SCWC Trustee) 15/04/12

First News: “Street Child World Cup launches” (The national newspaper for young people with over a million readers) 13/04/12

BMS, Global: The Road to Rio for the 2014 Street Child World Cup starts here… The Wanted at the iExplore Charity Ball in support of Street Child World Cup 20/04/12 c/o the ABC Trust: King Adz – Street Child World Cup street art workshop

Bishop of London welcomes Street Child World Cup team to St Paul’s Cathedral 18/04/12

Brazil team in UK visit to profile 2014 Street Child World Cup

“Give a big welcome to the Brazil team” Alastair Campbell blog 3/04/12

€œFrom sleeping rough to cinema screens€ BMS, Global 07/12/11

Football is not just about big stars. It is about raising peoples hopes and expectationsâ
The Sun, UK 31/03/10

The Sun witnessed the Police’s heavy-handed tactics first hand, less than a day after arriving in Durban
The Sun, UK 27/03/10

Miracle in World football
Inquirer, Philippines 29/03/10

Street kids from India on the ball
Times Live, SA 28/03/10

India win Street Child World Cup in South Africa
BBC Online, UK 22/03/10

Street children find hope in football, 19/03/10

€œStreet children aim for world cup victory
BBC Online, UK 15/03/10

Street Children’ from Manchester play in World Cup
BBC Manchester, UK 15/03/10

Gabby Logan Show€“ Interview with Gary Mabbut and Tom Hewitt
BBC Radio Five Live, UK 15/03/10 (start listening 40 minutes in)

Kicking with their wings, RP kids seek fame in Africa
Inquirer, Philippines 09/03/10

Sir Cliff Richards World Cup dream
Sunday Express, UK 08/03/10

Simon Mayo: Soul Music and the Street Child World Cup
The Telegraph, UK 19/02/10

Wilson at Downing Street, UK 18/02/10

Street Children find hope in football
Manila Times, Philippines 15/02/10

Glory Boy
CityAM, UK 15/02/10
Glory Boy – CityAM

€œMetro Police deny charges of street child abuse
Times Live, S.A. 14/02/10

Street kids rounded up in Durban
Times Live, S.A. 13/02/10

We’ll put the boot into poverty
The Sun, UK 12/02/10

€œRounded up and shipped out
Mail & Guardian, S.A. 22/01/2010

Nicaraguan children eye football glory
BBC Online, UK 25/09/09

World Cup for SA street children
BBC Online, UK 11/08/09

Latest Tweets
  • “No child should have to live on the streets.  I commend the Street Child World Cup for providing a platform for the rights of street children to be heard.”

    Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, Former Prime Minister
  • “When ever people come across me they laugh. It seems like my mouth is zipped because they talk for us. I wish they could give us a chance to talk for ourselves.”

    Mbali, 15, Durban
  • “No child should have to live on the streets and I fully endorse this campaign giving street children a voice to claim their rights”

    Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Manager