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Gilberto Silva speaking to the London Evening Standard ahead of the 2015 Gala Dinner

The Guardian – Global Development: “Street children from around the world.” 14.10.15

The Express Tribune: Pakistan Street Child Squad visit the UK 

Umbrella de Julho: Chevrolet pitch unveil and John Wroe British Empire Medal

London Evening Standard: Arsenal legend Gilberto Silva misses FA Cup win to open football pitch for kids in Brazilian favela 01.06.15

The Observer: Guns, drugs and bandidos 4.01.15

The Guardian: Best Theatre Performances of 2014 – Turfed 26.12.14

O Globo: Road to Rio the film 20.12.14

BBC Sportshour: Did the World Cup make any difference?

Portal Villarino: Charity Auction in support of the NGO “Street Child World Cup” at Caesar Park Ipanema 19.11.14

Deloox: Charity night at Caesar Park Ipanema 19.11.14

Bossa me: The 2014 World Cup of Street Children in Pictures 19.11.14

New York Times: In this World Cup, the goal is a better life 10.10.14

Chinese Central TV: SCWC helps children through sport 27.09.14

Sunday Times: Adrian Chiles summary of FIFA World Cup 13.07.14

Fox: Saving kids in Brazil, one game at a time 10.07.14

Evening Standard: My day out with Team Brazil girls 07.07.14

CNN: Brazilian girls find power in football 27.06.14

BT Sport: Gilberto Silva’s Road to Rio 07.05.14

FOX Sports: Project unites children from many countries

O Globo Brasil (Profissao Reporter): Street Child World Cup Part 1 10.06.2014

O Globo Brasil (Profissao Reporter): Street Child World Cup Part 2 10.06.2014

Deloitte: 2014: More than a game, a chance to build legacies for a better future!

Pimpolhos: Pimpolhos take part of the Street Child World Cup 29/04/2014

TV Brasil: Street Child World Cup uses sport as a tool for transformation 19/04/2014

The Guardian: Street Child World Cup ‘We should be treated the same as your children.’ 15/04/14

TV iG: Street Child World Cup finishes with Team Brazil girls as champions 07/04/2014

TV Bandeirantes: World Cup for children who have left the streets 07/04/14

BOL: Street Children make the world cup by overcoming 07/04/14

Estado: Team Brazil girls is the champion of a football tournament for street children 06/04/2014

SporTV: Young people leave the streets and join in stories of resilience 05/04/14

Globo Esporte: Boys from Brazil exit SCWC, girls through to the semis 04/04/14

El Pa­s: A Cup for street children 04/04/2014

GM Media: Chevrolet and General Motors Institute sponsor the Street Child World Cup project 31/03/2014

Auto Estrada: Chevrolet and General Motors Institute sponsor the Street Child World Cup project 31/03/2014

Rio Catedral: About the Street Child World Cup football tournament 31/03/2014

UOL: Tournament begins with tribute to killed soccer player 30/03/14

Globo Esporte: With their Captain absent, Brazil debut at SCWC 29/03/14

UOL: Death of adolescent makes itself felt at the start of the Street Child World Cup in Rio 29/03/2014

InfoSur Hoy: Brazil will host the Street Child World Cup for youngsters at risk 28/03/2014

Globo News: Street children from 19 countries compete in tournament in Rio 28/03/14

G1 Globo: Let’s play for him say team mates of boy shot in CR 28/03/14

ArqRio: The Street Child World Cup kicks off in Rio de Janeiro 27/03/2014

Rio On Watch: Team Brazil girls from Penha are the champions of the Street Child World Cup 2014 03/05/2014

Promenino: “It is innaceptable that in the XXI century millions of children are still living and working on the streets”, says SCWC’s director

Educao Integral: Street Child World Cup raises discussion around the right of children and adolescents

CNBB: The Street Child World Cup kicks off in Rio de Janeiro

O Povo Brasil: Field of Dreams 23.03.14

Sunday Mirror: World Cup 2014: Brazil’s Street Child tournament captain gunned down on his 14 birthday 23.03.14

Financial Times Magazine: I’m captaining a team in the Street Child World Cup 22.03.14

Daily Mail: David Beckham, Pele and Ferguson show their support for the Street Child World Cup 22.03.14

FT: First Person: Monica 21.03.14

Rio do Poder: Cup for street children will take place in Rio 20/03/2014

Al Jazeera: Brazil violence flares ahead of World Cup 14.03.14

Metro: The football world cup you’ve probably never heard of 20.03.14

Diario do Poder: SCWC to be held in April 21.03.14

Evening Standard: David Beckham & Sir Alex Ferguson rally behind Street Child World Cup initiative 20.03.14

Promenino Brazil: Children living on the street is unacceptable 19.03.14

All Africa: Save the Children partners with Street Child World Cup 17.03.14

Copa 90: World’s Largest Samba Band featured in Comments Below 11.03.14

The Sun: Brit kids form world’s biggest samba band 14.03.14

Guinness World Records: School children smash samba world record 05.03.14

Royal Albert Hall: Samba World Record smashed at Royal Albert Hall 03.03.14

BBC School Report: World samba band record smashed at Royal Albert Hall 03.03.14

The Guardian: The Brazilian women using football to escape the favelas 18.02.14

Crawley News: Crawley Woman off to World Cup with a Difference 16.02.14 Off the streets, these children dream of playing football in Rio 11.02.14 Glad’s House enters Kenyan Team at SCWC 12.02.14

The Observer: Child sex tourism warning for fans attending World Cup in Brazil 09.02.14

Al Jazeera: The World Cup and child sex exploitation 06.02.14

The Umbrella Rio de Janeiro: Three Peaks Challenge Rio 19.12.13

O Globo Esporte: Two more boys join SCWC team 27.11.13 (Portuguese)

Evening Standard: My trip to the favelas was a real eye-opener 20.11.13

Evening Standard: Football got me out of my estate 07.11.13

Guardian: Empowering girls living on streets 24.10.13

Guardian: Changing the game for street children 24.09.13

O Globo Esporte: From the streets to the pitch 01.09.13 (Portuguese)

BBC: Brazil marks 20 years since Candelária child massacre 24.07.13

Yorkshire Times: Sheffield company raises awareness of street children 23.07.13

Al Jazeera: Brazil marks Candelária massacre anniversary 23.07.13

The Jakarta Globe: Indonesia to send team to Street Child World Cup 10.07.13

The Express Tribune Pakistan: When street children don national colours to represent Pakistan 28.06.13

Yahoo Sports: Filipino kids dream of Rio and the SCWC 26.06.13

The Observer p16: In the favelas on the frontline of protest, Brazilians ask: who is this World Cup for? 23.06.13

GMA Philippines: Countdown to SCWC continues for Philippines team 11.06.13

El Nuevo Diario: Nicaragua return to Street Child World Cup 25.05.13

BBC Swahili Radio: Team Tanzania on the Road to Rio 24.05.13

Al Jazeera: Rio rehab: giving up old gangs for new goals 02.05.13

FIFA Futbol Mundial: Film on Team Philippines 14.04.13

BBC Asia: Pakistan prepares for the Street Child World Cup: 27.03.13

CNN: Football helps champion street kids 26.03.13

BBC Global News film: Pakistan’s Road to Rio (Urdu)

BBC Global News article: Pakistan’s Road to Rio (Urdu)

Al Jazeera: The Street Child World Cup (1min 10 secs in) 28.02.13

New York Times: Saving Karachi’s Street Children, One Goal at a Time 13.02.13

Ministry Matters: This year’s Lent Appeal: Street Child World Cup 17.01.13

InterakTV Philippines: Team Philippines to the Street Child World Cup 2014 17.01.13

CNN: Team Tanzania 13.12.12

The Latin America Report: Dufry sponsors Street Child World Cup 12.12.12

The Moodie Report: Dufry sponsors the Street Child World Cup ‘Road to Rio 2014′ 7/12/12

Travel Retail Business: Dufry sponsors Street Child World Cup 7/12/12

Philippines Sun Star: Craig and his Street Child World Cup dream 18/11/12

The Rio Times: Street Child World Cup makes progress 16/10/12

Mitoo Football Revolution: Mission Ukraine 15/09/12

BBC World: Children of Ukraine rescued by football 19/07/12

The Observer: In the shadow of EURO 2012, Ukraine’s street children struggle to stay alive 08/06/12

The Guardian:

First News: Brazilian Street Child Soccer Team visit London 01/05/12

BBC Online: Street Child World Cup visits London 28/04/12

The Rio Times: NGO Focus on Street Child World Cup 25/04/12

BBC World Service: The World Today Programme 22/04/12

Alastair Campbell’s blog: Life changing impact of football 21/04/12

The Guardian: Street Child World Cup more than just a game 16/04/12

Tottenham Sandro inspired by Brazil’s street children 21/04/12

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: BBC Radio Cambridgeshire interviewing Rafael – Educator from Quixote Project and Judy Reith (SCWC Trustee) 15/04/12

First News: “Street Child World Cup launches” (The national newspaper for young people with over a million readers) 13/04/12

BMS, Global: The Road to Rio for the 2014 Street Child World Cup starts here… The Wanted at the iExplore Charity Ball in support of Street Child World Cup 20/04/12 c/o the ABC Trust: King Adz – Street Child World Cup street art workshop

Bishop of London welcomes Street Child World Cup team to St Paul’s Cathedral 18/04/12

Brazil team in UK visit to profile 2014 Street Child World Cup

“Give a big welcome to the Brazil team” Alastair Campbell blog 3/04/12

€œFrom sleeping rough to cinema screens€ BMS, Global 07/12/11

Football is not just about big stars. It is about raising peoples hopes and expectationsâ
The Sun, UK 31/03/10

The Sun witnessed the Police’s heavy-handed tactics first hand, less than a day after arriving in Durban
The Sun, UK 27/03/10

Miracle in World football
Inquirer, Philippines 29/03/10

Street kids from India on the ball
Times Live, SA 28/03/10

India win Street Child World Cup in South Africa
BBC Online, UK 22/03/10

Street children find hope in football, 19/03/10

€œStreet children aim for world cup victory
BBC Online, UK 15/03/10

Street Children’ from Manchester play in World Cup
BBC Manchester, UK 15/03/10

Gabby Logan Show€“ Interview with Gary Mabbut and Tom Hewitt
BBC Radio Five Live, UK 15/03/10 (start listening 40 minutes in)

Kicking with their wings, RP kids seek fame in Africa
Inquirer, Philippines 09/03/10

Sir Cliff Richards World Cup dream
Sunday Express, UK 08/03/10

Simon Mayo: Soul Music and the Street Child World Cup
The Telegraph, UK 19/02/10

Wilson at Downing Street, UK 18/02/10

Street Children find hope in football
Manila Times, Philippines 15/02/10

Glory Boy
CityAM, UK 15/02/10
Glory Boy – CityAM

€œMetro Police deny charges of street child abuse
Times Live, S.A. 14/02/10

Street kids rounded up in Durban
Times Live, S.A. 13/02/10

We’ll put the boot into poverty
The Sun, UK 12/02/10

€œRounded up and shipped out
Mail & Guardian, S.A. 22/01/2010

Nicaraguan children eye football glory
BBC Online, UK 25/09/09

World Cup for SA street children
BBC Online, UK 11/08/09

Latest Tweets
  • “It was a privilege to be invited to the launch of the Street Child World Cup at Downing Street. It gives children a voice through football, sales a platform to express their rights and celebrate their abilities – I’m proud to add my support.”

    Wilson Palacios, Stoke City and Honduras Midfielder
  • “I know from personal experience just what power football can have to inspire and change young people’s lives whatever their background or nationality. This is what the Street Child World Cup is all about and I give it my full support.”

    David Beckham OBE
  • “No child should have to live on the streets and I fully endorse this campaign giving street children a voice to claim their rights”

    Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Manager