“Street Child World Cup offered the boys an opportunity to step into a mentality of greatness and has given them the motivation to succeed in every area of their lives.” 

Street Soccer USA is an organisation working in 20 cities across the United States of America with homeless children, youth and vulnerable young adults. The young people Street Soccer USA works with battle poverty and the lack of stable housing. A vast majority have experienced physical, sexual, or psychological abuse and the associated trauma and post-traumatic stress. Most struggle to stay in school and are at greater risk of becoming criminalised and developing mental health as well as physical health conditions.

In partnership with homeless shelters across the country, Street Soccer USA’s approach uses football to help homeless youth: boost self-esteem, the ability to trust others, emotional self-regulation (anger management), mental/physical health, and cultivating a healthy social network. Their work is focused on achieving positive outcomes in each of these areas by transferring a set of life and job skills through the Street Soccer USA curriculum, leading to educational achievement, employment and self-sufficiency, and mental and physical wellbeing.

Street Soccer USA worked with a boys’ team to represent the USA at the Street Child World Cup Rio 2014. Two girls also travelled with the delegation to participate in the girls’ events at the SCWC and represented the situations for girls who have experienced homelessness in the United States.

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