COET (Caretakers of the Environment Tanzania) is an NGO based in Mwanza, buy cialis Tanzania. Its work focuses on 3 projects.

1) Kuleana Street Children’s Centre, an emergency drop in centre in Mwanza city which provides shelter, food and emotional support to boys living on the street. The centre’s main aim is to reintegrate the boys back to a safe environment with their families.

2) Binti Maringo Restaurant is a source of revenue for Kuleana which also runs a vocational training programme teaching hospitality and catering to boys and girls from the street.

3) Tanzanian Street Children’s (TSC) Sports Academy. The academy runs teams for local children who train and play at 4 different age groups – under 12, U14, U17 and U20. It also holds sessions to encourage and teach teamwork and life skills to the players and in local schools. Through the basis of this programme COET were able to send a team to compete in the inaugural 2010 Street Child World Cup in South Africa, going all the way to the final only to lose out to winners India.

Website: www.tscacademy.org

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