El Salvador


El Salvador was represented at the Street Child World Cup Rio 2014 by a project supported by Toybox. Toybox is a UK based organisation funding work with street children across Central and South America. Their partners in El Salvador work mainly in the capital San Salvador.

Children on the streets of San Salvador, search as in other countries, have often run away from incidences of domestic violence in the home. Living amongst some of the most violent gangs in the world means that, for these children, fear and intimidation are a way of life.  They speak of their communities being ‘owned’ by the gangs and of being ‘surrounded by violence’.

Toybox and their partners are working both with children already on the streets, and carrying out preventative programmes in communities to address the push factors driving children to the street.

Find out what taking part in the Street Child World Cup has had on the girls from #TeamElSalvador – inspiring interview on BBC Radio.


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