Three NGOs collaborated on the Egyptian campaign for the Street Child World Cup Rio 2014: Hope Village, sickness I the Egyptian and FACE for Children in Need.

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Hope Village Society has, pharm from 1988 to date, supported over 50,000 street boys, girls and young mothers. The organisation is passionate about delivering a holistic programme that aims to identify the root problems in society that lead children onto the streets as well as supporting those who live and work on the streets. Through an integrated programme that includes mobile units serving children on the street, day care reception centres, temporary and permanent housing, Hope Village Society works to change the future for street children in Egypt.


English logo copyAna El Masry – or ‘I the Egyptian’ is a non-profit foundation established in 2008 with the objective of providing an integrated approach to the phenomena of street children. The organization’s aim is to address the reality of children’s presence in the streets as well as the processes that push them to the streets. Activities focus on providing essential care and services to street children to enable them to realize their potential and become integrated members of society with rights, opportunities, and a future.


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Face for Children in Need has been working for ten years to serve the most vulnerable young people in Egypt. In 5 years, the charity has had 33,031 contacts with children in the streets of Cairo. In El Salam City, the organisation runs a Street Children Centre that hosts a drop in centre, medical clinic, transitional home and a child friendly school. Face for Children in Need works towards the reintegration of young people into society, and each young person is expected to play a full part in the community at the centres, including cooking their own meals and cleaning the kitchen.


These organisations represent some of the highest quality work with street children in the city. Recent events in Egypt have led to street children often being scapegoated and these children has suffered drastically. Team Egypt hope that their Road to Rio will raise awareness of street children partners believe this is a welcome opportunity for positive stories from Egypt, allowing the children themselves to speak of their hopes and dreams for the future.

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