Fundacion La Casita brought Team Argentina to the Street Child World Cup Rio 2014.

In Argentina, viagra buy there are more than 14, order 500 children without parental care. The majority of these children live in the suburbs and city of Buenos Aires. One in every four children in the Buenos Aires suburbs has unfulfilled basic needs, a damaged childhood, substandard living arrangements and violated human rights. One and a half million children and teenagers aged between 5 and 17 are engaged in economic or domestic activities in order to help their family to survive, which means they are forced to leave their education.

La Casita was established in the 1980s as an open-door home in order to overcome the institutionalization of children, where children and teenagers were historically shut away, depersonalized and excluded from family, social and cultural life.

The challenge is still creating child-friendly spaces which support the right to family, school, social, sport and cultural life, in the heart of supportive communities, where the child or teenager decides how long his or her stay there will be and is able to take control of their own lives.

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