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Day 1128- of tournament

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    • Latest: Street Champions Team Tanzania return home and are received by President

    • Latest: Pakistan Minister for social welfare presents 7 policy recommendations from Team Pakistan

    • Update: Team Kenya Captain Benson asked to sit on the Children’s Assembly in Kenya

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    The Street Child World Cup event is unique in holding the only participatory international conference for street-connected children.

    In 2010 the Street Child World Cup contributed to the ending of the brutal practice of “street sweeps” in Durban, find South Africa, discount this year the conference will be held in the knowledge that substantial change is possible.

    The Rio Declaration

    “We call on you to listen to us, remedy the former Street Children taking part in the Street Child World Cup, so that children who have to survive on the streets will no longer be ignored and blamed for society’s failings. We call on you to invest in the organisations, programmes and support that transformed our lives – we know that these work. We call on you to bring in policies that will stop the violence that children, just like us, have to endure everyday and ensure that when we say: “I am somebody” that we can have the documentation to prove it.”


    The aim of the conference is that the children will return to their countries and build on the  above declaration to develop this universal statement. This declaration will include a number of country-speci?c asks, ensuring that the Street Child World Cup continues to be used as a platform for change once the children have returned home.

    The SCWC conference at Rio 2014:

    • Equip children so that on their return they can recognise how they can, on an on-going basis, be street child champions
    • Develop a universal statement from and about street children – akin to the Durban Street Child Declaration
    • Ensure that with each part of the declaration that there are country-specific asks
    • Create an opportunity for the Brazil campaign to present their message internally at SCWC and externally across Brazil


    We used ‘Team of Life’ as the basic methodology for the Conference as it was developed for use with football and is being road tested around the world. Following a successful introduction to Brazil in 2013 it was agreed that using this was an ideal vehicle as it allows the personal experience to be lifted into a wider group context.

    The Team of Life methodology has 5 parts:

    1. What we like/love about the game
    2. Creating our teams of life
    3. Celebrating goals
    4. Tackling problems
    5. Avoiding obstacles and assisting others

    Single-Gender days

    SCWC is committed to addressing the imbalance that girls on the streets experience, both by exploring the multiple difficulties they face and the delivery of services that address their specific needs.

    Gender is too often seen to be an issue related to young women, and we wish to look at what it means to be a boy/man on the streets, and to present an alternative model which does not feature the gender violence which is all too common in the situations where our partners work.


    The conference at the 2010 Street Child World Cup concluded with the creation of the Durban Declaration, which was presented to the UN committee on Human Rights and disseminated to 143 governments. Plan International created the Street Girls’ Manifesto, which was launched at the All Party Parliamentary Group in the UK and was presented to UNICEF, and was included as part of their 2010 “Because I am a Girl” global report.