Day 1: Programmes that empower | Tuesday 24th September

We will share expertise in programmes that clearly empower street-involved children, medical with focus on:

Psychosocial support

Family reunification

Entrepreneurship among street youth

Sports for Development with street children


There will be opportunities to explore together the potential pitfalls and challenges these and other programmes may present


Day 2: Gender matters | Wednesday 25th September

We will explore together what it is to be a girl and what it is to be a boy on the streets. We will also share expertise in: sexual identity, stomach health and abuse issues for street involved children. All of this will be in a safe learning environment to help identify what holds us back and best practice to move forward in this sensitive and challenging area.

Global lessons on Gender and street-involved children


Day 3: Social Justice for Street Children | Thursday 26th September

We look at how sport and art can be used effectively to champion human rights, and what works well in advocacy. With speaker input, showcasing of examples and facilitated discussion, this day will provide lots of ideas and inspiration. We focus on practical solutions to overcome challenges and moving forward together in winning human rights with street involved children.


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Latest Tweets
  • “No child should have to live on the streets and I fully endorse this campaign giving street children a voice to claim their rights”

    Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Manager
  • “It was a privilege to be invited to the launch of the Street Child World Cup at Downing Street. It gives children a voice through football, sales a platform to express their rights and celebrate their abilities – I’m proud to add my support.”

    Wilson Palacios, Stoke City and Honduras Midfielder
  • “No child should have to live on the streets.  I commend the Street Child World Cup for providing a platform for the rights of street children to be heard.”

    Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, Former Prime Minister