Hi, I'm Beckham and I'm a Street Child.

I sleep on the street with a million friends.

Ronaldo and Messi are here too

they're my street family now...

Passers by ignore

Balotelli trying to get some food
I asked Neymar why he is homeless;

when he was 6 years old his family was so broken he came to the streets

Pele dreams of becoming a teacher. But how?

No one should live here.

Mia Hamm's friend got raped last week. So what?

It’s happened to her more than once

Police round up even the little kids like

Zico and Maradona for no reason...

Maybe I'm not David Beckham

I am me. Diego, living in the streets, age 12
I am somebody. No child should have to live on the streets

You can make a difference.

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