GET YOUR KIT ON for Giving Tuesday

On Giving Tuesday, 29th November, we’re asking you to wear your favourite football shirt to work and donate £5 to support the next Street Child World Cup 2018.

How do I get involved?

It’s easy! Donate at least £5 to wear your favourite football shirt to work on Giving Tuesday and ask your work colleagues and friends to do the same. Simply donate £5 for every shirt worn. The more people who get their kit on, the more funds we will raise to support the World Cup that changes lives.

Please share your football shirt selfies with us on the day at #StreetChildWorldCup

Start fundraising at

Download your Get Your Kit On poster here and inspire colleagues and friends.

Why choose us?

There are an estimated 150 million children being forced to survive on the streets around the world.

Instead of receiving help or protection, these children are in constant danger; invisible, alone and without a voice.

They are often blamed for their circumstances, discriminated against, and denied the opportunities that all children deserve to realise their potential.

The Street Child World Cup uses the power of football to change this, but we need your help.

The Street Child World Cup is an international football tournament just for street children, which takes place ahead of each FIFA World Cup.

The next Street Child World Cup will kick-off in Moscow, ahead of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.

Teams of street children, girls and boys, will come together from across the world to play for change, tackling the negative perceptions and treatment of all street children worldwide.

This is more than a game.

Your support will help make the next Street Child World Cup possible, ensuring that street children are seen and their voices are heard.

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Latest Tweets
  • “No child should have to live on the streets and I fully endorse this campaign giving street children a voice to claim their rights”

    Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Manager
  • “When ever people come across me they laugh. It seems like my mouth is zipped because they talk for us. I wish they could give us a chance to talk for ourselves.”

    Mbali, 15, Durban
  • “It was possible to gather many nationalities, story cultures, viagra 60mg and form a nation: a nation of free man, with equal rights and opportunities, mutual respect, rightful duties. It was 10 days when the world, in that corner of Rio, was fair to socially excluded children; they could feel the beauty of being somebody in this world.”

    Abdul Faquir, Team Mozambique, Project Leader