Gilberto Silva looks forward to the Street Child Games in March 2016

Brazil World Cup Winner and Street Child United Global Ambassador, remedy Gilberto Silva, seek visited Complexo da Penha – a favela community in Rio de Janeiro – home to one member of the Brazilian Street Child Games Team.

Gilberto met Gabi, online who is one of four young Brazilians preparing to represent their country and children at risk of the streets in Brazil, at the first-ever Street Child Games.


Gilberto Silva is back in Rio

Ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Street Child Games will take place in Rio from March 14 – 20 2016. From the streets to the starting blocks, the Street Child Games recognises some of the world’s most marginalised young people as athletes and delegates – inviting those who have lived in the shadows to step into the spotlight in the Olympic city.


Gabi, 1 of 4 young people representing Brazil

Gabi is part of the Favela Street and Street Child United Brazil project working in Penha to provide a safe space to play and opportunities through sport to children at risk of the streets. The area has seen a high level of gun violence between traffickers and police, which can flare up daily on the streets of the community.

Alongside Gabi, Brazil will be represented by three other young people who are supported by our partners Sao Martinho working across Rio and O Pequeno Nazareno in Fortaleza, north Brazil.

Host-nation Brazil will welcome former street children and young people from countries across the world including, Argentina, Great Britain, Egypt, Liberia, Burundi, Mozambique, India, Pakistan and the Philippines for Olympic-themed sports and a Congress promoting the rights of street children.

Gabi said, “My dream is to become a professional footballer…My biggest challenge is finding opportunities.”

“I’m excited about the sprinting at the Street Child Games – I’m confident I’m going to win.”

Gilberto sent a good luck message to all the teams and young people getting ready to take part and looks forward to welcoming them to Rio in just 16 days!

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  • “I know from personal experience just what power football can have to inspire and change young people’s lives whatever their background or nationality. This is what the Street Child World Cup is all about and I give it my full support.”

    David Beckham OBE
  • “No child should have to live on the streets.  I commend the Street Child World Cup for providing a platform for the rights of street children to be heard.”

    Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, Former Prime Minister
  • “It was possible to gather many nationalities, story cultures, viagra 60mg and form a nation: a nation of free man, with equal rights and opportunities, mutual respect, rightful duties. It was 10 days when the world, in that corner of Rio, was fair to socially excluded children; they could feel the beauty of being somebody in this world.”

    Abdul Faquir, Team Mozambique, Project Leader