You lived below the line & raised a whopping £16,000!

Last week 114 awesome challengers took on Live Below The Line in support of millions of street children across the world. Thank you!

Live Below The Line is a global awareness and fundraising campaign, which challenges you to eat and drink on £1 a day for 5 days to support the 1.2 billion people living below the poverty line every day.

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For the second year running we joined the global challenge because it is so much more than just a food-based challenge. It provides a unique opportunity to highlight the specific challenges faced by an estimated 150 million children worldwide forced to survive on the streets.

Street children are often stigmatised, blamed for their circumstances and extremely vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Their voices are rarely heard. Children who cannot access the support they need to leave the streets face a cycle of poverty and homelessness. Many of these children live below the poverty line, which severely limits their futures. But when a street children receive the protection, support and opportunities all children are entitled to they can realise their potential away from the streets.

Challenge week
Across the week you shared your pictures of make-shift breakfasts, lunches and dinners – including imaginatively flavoured porridge, boiled eggs, bananas slices and bowls and bowls of noodles – every meal-time inspiring others to get on board and support the challenge.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 14.45.07£16,000 and counting…
We are excited to announce that you have raised an incredible £16,000 so far supporting the work we do to challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children.

We were so happy to welcome award-winning campaigner, columnist and author, Jack Monroe, and actor and social media star, Tom Moutchi to our challenge team.

Jack has raised a staggering £7,263 for us! You can read about her experience in her blog Jack also managed to raise the most amount of money of all the 4,998 UK participants – so a huge thank you to Jack and everyone who supported ALL our challengers’ awesome efforts.

It’s not too late to get involved!
It’s not too late to sign up and get involved. The challenge finishes on June 30th so if you missed out on registering you can still sign up here!

And if you don’t fancy this particular challenge but would love to get involved then we’d love to hear from youcheck out our Get Involved page here or sign up for email updates on our homepage.

Latest Tweets
  • “I experienced hardcore street life in my youth. I know what it’s like. I congratulate the Street Child World Cup project in it’s commitment to bring attention to the plight of Street Children through the power of football.”

    Manny Pacquiao, Filipino professional boxer
  • “No child should have to live on the streets and I fully endorse this campaign giving street children a voice to claim their rights”

    Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Manager
  • “When ever people come across me they laugh. It seems like my mouth is zipped because they talk for us. I wish they could give us a chance to talk for ourselves.”

    Mbali, 15, Durban