Street Child United teams up with Studio Cambridge English Language School

Studio Cambridge English Language School has offered bursaries for up to eight children who played at the 2014 Street Child World Cup. The young people will study English in Cambridge for 10 weeks in order to improve their English language skills and personal development as ambassadors for street children’s rights.

'My dream is to be educated, to become President.' A young person's dream painted onto the wall of Vidigal favela community at the Street Child World Cup Rio 2014

‘My dream is to be educated, to become President.’ A young person’s dream painted onto the wall of Vidigal favela community at the Street Child World Cup Rio 2014

The former street children taking part are survivors of the streets and are now successfully integrating back into society. They will join the other students in a summer course and stay with host families providing a unique experience. The programme will enable them to develop as ambassadors for street children in their own countries and internationally, raising awareness about street children and what needs to be done to support them. A young person who can speak from experience about life on the streets makes a very powerful spokesperson.

John Wroe, CEO of Street Child United commented, “I have always believed that the whole world conspires with us to make the Street Child World Cup possible but occasionally an outrageously generous act simply stops me in my tracks. Studio Cambridge English Language School offering to host and teach eight former street children in Cambridge this summer is just such an occasion. These young people will have a unique opportunity to develop key skills continuing their personal development away from the streets and as ambassadors for street children across the world.”

How you can help.

We are very fortunate that Studio Cambridge has generously offered the educational places at no cost. But we need help to find host families, raise money for the transport and other costs, coordinate publicity and provide welcoming and interesting experiences for the young people during their stay. Get in touch |

Enjoy en evening of Champagne tasting at the Champagne Company Fundraiser, The Old Hall, Queens College, University of Cambridge, Thursday 12 February, From 7pm

The Cambridge Champagne Company is holding a fun filled champagne tasting event and special auction to raise funds to support the cost of flights, transport, food and help throughout this unique project. Tickets are priced at £40 each, please email or to book.

Date: Thursday 12th February 2015
Doors open: 6.30pm
Event Starts: 7.00pm
Address: 16 Silver Street, CB3 9EL

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  • “It was possible to gather many nationalities, story cultures, viagra 60mg and form a nation: a nation of free man, with equal rights and opportunities, mutual respect, rightful duties. It was 10 days when the world, in that corner of Rio, was fair to socially excluded children; they could feel the beauty of being somebody in this world.”

    Abdul Faquir, Team Mozambique, Project Leader
  • “When ever people come across me they laugh. It seems like my mouth is zipped because they talk for us. I wish they could give us a chance to talk for ourselves.”

    Mbali, 15, Durban
  • “No child should have to live on the streets and I fully endorse this campaign giving street children a voice to claim their rights”

    Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Manager