Together with #FavelaStreet and the Rio Times we have launched our very first Street Christmas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Street Christmas aims to collect donations of clothes and toys for street children across Rio de Janeiro. The idea came from Dhryka Santos the Captain of Team Brazil girls who is part of the IBISS Favela Street programme. According to Dhryka: “I want to take on responsibility and make other children smile as well. I want them to know that they are somebody too.”

The clothes collected included football shirts gifted by UK football fans as part of the National Football Museum 2014 shirt amnesty and were donated to the AMAR street child project which has three centres across Rio de Janeiro.

Dhryka and team mates with recipients of Street Christmas

Dhryka and team mates with recipients of Street Christmas

Elisa Carneiro, Local Coordinator of the Street Child United Brazil office said:

“We’re very proud of Dhryka for coming up with this idea to support street children and we’re delighted to offer the clothes and toys to AMAR who play such a critical role for the most vulnerable children’s rights in Rio de Janeiro. We want to thank the Rio Times for partnering with us and the British School who continue to provide fantastic support for our work.”

Elisa was joined by Street Child World Cup volunteers and Favela Street girls to meet the young people where they live: on the streets, They were offered a hearty breakfast alongside the gifts and got to take part in a game of football with the Favela Street girls. The AMAR organisation continues to provide outreach, shelter and reintegration opportunities to these children.

It’s not too late to donate to the Street Child United Christmas appeal:

(Pictures blurred at request of partner organisation AMAR)

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