Big City Sleep: a night to remember

On Friday 15th March supporters of Street Child World Cup and Action for Brazil’s Children Trust slept on the streets of London to raise both awareness and vital funds for street children worldwide.

Over 70 supporters from SCWC and ABC came together at Spitalfields Market in East London for the sleep-out challenge. They were treated to an exciting array of Brazilian entertainment such as samba and capoeira, however the highlight of the evening was a performance from Andrew Henderson, the Football Freestyling World Champion alongside the energetic Beat Boxer Rupert Oldridge aka Bass6.


As this was a family-friendly event, both young and old took part in the sleep- out challenge. Our youngest sleeper was 7 and our eldest was 65. One of our youngest participants (aged 9) declared at 7am on the Saturday morning: “I’m definitely coming again next year!”

Street Child World Cup supporter Charley Jackson said:

“It was a real challenge to step out of my comfort zone and sleep rough at the Big City Sleep. It was a cold and uncomfortable night, but it just reinforced that no child should have to live on the streets; Street Child World Cup’s campaign is vital in making this become a reality.”


Of course all those taking part were within a safe environment, which children on the streets are never guaranteed. The Big City Sleep was a fun evening, but also showed sleepers a fraction of the hardships faced by street children on a daily basis.

Chairman of Street Child World Cup, Adrian Reith said:

“We believe no child should have to live on the streets. The Street Child World Cup is a movement supporting street children’s rights, and events like the Big City Sleep help to raise awareness about the perception and treatment of street children around the world.”

SCWC and ABC have so far raised £19,000 through the Big City Sleep fundraiser, but there is still an opportunity to donate and support the brave sleepers of SCWC, please click here to do so!

For further information about the event, or for information on how to set up your own rough sleep, please contact Lucy at

Photos courtesy of Val Masferrer Oliveira

Latest Tweets
  • “It was a privilege to be invited to the launch of the Street Child World Cup at Downing Street. It gives children a voice through football, sales a platform to express their rights and celebrate their abilities – I’m proud to add my support.”

    Wilson Palacios, Stoke City and Honduras Midfielder
  • “No child should have to live on the streets and I fully endorse this campaign giving street children a voice to claim their rights”

    Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Manager
  • “It was possible to gather many nationalities, story cultures, viagra 60mg and form a nation: a nation of free man, with equal rights and opportunities, mutual respect, rightful duties. It was 10 days when the world, in that corner of Rio, was fair to socially excluded children; they could feel the beauty of being somebody in this world.”

    Abdul Faquir, Team Mozambique, Project Leader